Wyte is a luxe cosmetic applicator that houses a powerful teeth whitening gel and is small enough to place in a purse or pocket. It has a luxe finish which lets you apply it proudly anywhere, anytime!

Our specialized gel targets and penetrates the tiny pores of your tooth enamel and gently oxidizes stains. It doesn't damage the structure of the teeth as the stains are lifted gently, making your teeth brighter and whiter instantly.

Baija Paris

BAIJA develops a skin care’s line and perfumed compositions with exclusive olfactory universes and singular natural ingredients.

Through their products, Baija plays the score of tender and endearing memories to reveal all the aromatic plants virtue. Because all is emotion ... each fragrance, each texture create are born of a sensation.... they tell their stories and send us back to our own.

Manufactured in France, BAIJA products are produced according to a rigorous formulation charter guaranteeing a high quality range. All ingredients are natural origin And the formula is without parabens or phenoxyethanol. All products are not tested on animals.

Jet Set Sun

No more risks of damage, what makes the outcomes so autonishing and so different from other self-taners ? Brown sugar, the DHA interacts with the different cellular constituents of the outer layer of the epidermis : this creates a natural and harmless reaction, which causes an instantaneous bronzed complexion.

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Chado Cosmetics

CHADO is the first Swiss make-up/care brand. It was conceptualized in Geneva, where its creator, Sylvia ROSSEL, was born and lives today.

Rapidly, she associates with Laëtitia GOFFARD with whom she shares a long experience in high-end cosmetics. Together they elaborate the concept, define the brand’s philosophy. To create the line, they imagine products as you create a painting and source their inspiration in Nature around them: the strength of slate stone, the unequaled purity of mountains, lakes, water, the gentle beauty and softness of sunsets. But not only…

There is also Geneva’s spirit, its personality, its character. A certain « savoir-vivre », a soft balance, a harmony.

A human-sized city, cradled by the serenity of the Leman Lake, protected by the majestic Alps mountains and softened by the harmonious landscapes around.

But also a cosmopolitan city, ideally situated at the heart of Europe, mixing the best of Luxury, High-technology and Bio-technologies. Geneva is the subtle combination of values of authenticity, secular traditions and innovation.

These founding values define CHADO’s DNA. They aim at every woman who wants to use high-quality, innovative, elegant products, to sublimate their natural beauty.

Ferrie Paris

Founded in 2014, the French-swiss group Maison Férrié Paris launches Ferrié Paris, in the city of lights. Within the fashion, beauty and design sectors, the brand enjoys a unique position as it proposes a set of innovative and unexpected products that integrate LED and eco-lighting.

Light is Ferrié Paris’s original product : it’s beauty, home and ready-to-wear products are all created around this concept. The brand offers innovative products and pays special attention to the quality of the products it uses.The light plays thus, a crucial role and is seen as a must have.

Iles Formula

It has been quite the journey crafting my treasured hair care formula, but it is well worth the wait. I am excited for you to experience and share my passion for beautiful hair. Follow us here for the latest news, updates and special promotions on Iles Formula. I look forward to taking you behind-the-scenes of celebrity hairstyling, as well as sharing my inspirations, tips, tricks and how-to guides.

Le Galion Parfums

The name of this beautiful brand, inspired by majestic seafaring vessels with their vast square sterns, evoked thoughts of freedom and escape. Some of the beautiful fragrances associated with the brand have stayed in our memories: Sortilège, Brumes, Snob... But this once glorious perfume house, Le Galion, has faded from our memory and consigned to the past.

Les Eaux Primordiales

In a quest towards a fantasized neo-classical modernity, it's in Jules Verne’s book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea??? that Arnaud encountered the words "the primordial waters". The waters where early life began, the foundations of any living organism on Earth.


The eyebrow is a key facial element, which reveals a person’s character. It is a significant aesthetic component of the face that can also be a subtle and powerful tool of seduction.A balanced eyebrow promises to amplify looks and optimise overall facial features. A subtle detail, often disregarded but which can change everything: it can enhance a face, reveal inner beauty and personality.

Throughout history, meticulous care has always been reserved for the eyebrows and there is clear evidence of this in the fine arts, literature and in sculpture and paintings. The Art of the Eyebrow evolves from very thick, detailed black eyebrows of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the Madonna’s somewhat invisible eyebrows with their luminescent faces in paintings from the Middle Ages.


Morris & Luca brushes are available in a range of 21 handcrafted styles, satisfying virtually every makeup need. The depth of the line lies in the quality of the brushes, each with a carefully weighted composition of either natural or high-end synthetic bristles and a functional and stylish design.

The brushes are produced with rigorous standards of quality control and strict adherence to ethical and environmental guidelines. The handles are produced with FSC- and Rainforest Alliance certified wood.

Welton London

Perfume is the luxury product par excellence. Engraved in our hearts, a perfume is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes, the bouquet of scents chosen with immense care. It is for you to add the special scented touch that makes all the difference, highlighting your particular brand.